IT Services


Help Us Help You

Our IT Services isn’t just for one type of business. Our clients range from small to mid-size operations across an array of verticals. When our IT team is on your side, you can stick to working on your business instead of trying to translate ominous codes. Our team will distill all the tech jargon, find effective and efficient solutions, and work to ensure your business is operating to its utmost potential. Our experts are extremely well-rounded, empower their clients, and will always have your back. You can relax knowing that you have a team of people who will focus on your specific needs in order to find the best solutions for you. And we’ll talk like humans along the way. So when you see, “Attempt to re-establish connection by unburdening memory resources via cold boot of CPU cycles,” we’ll say, “Let’s turn it off then on again.”


Solutions Desk

Let the techs tackle it. Our team has groups of techs that are dedicated to various verticals so we can provide consistent and efficient resolutions, and even provide proactive maintenance that identifies problems before they cost you downtime. Or for anyone wanting us to stop in, we also have local teams in Edmonton and Calgary […]

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On-Site Service

Come and knock on our door. By having a solūt tech ready to lend a hand, it eliminates the need for you to communicate slowly via email. We tend to be a pretty seamless integration and understand the importance of owning the issue and not bothering existing staff. This option is also good for companies […]

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VOIP / Telephony

So what exactly is VOIP? VOIP technology is an extremely flexible communications system that allows companies to take hold of their telephony-related expenses without the investment of expensive hardware. Whether your employees work in the office or remotely, VOIP technology is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional phone services. The tech is easy to install […]

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Project Fulfillment

Escalated issues. Expert help. When you’re connected to our team, a group of experts including project leads, solutions architects, and other appropriate members will be allocated to your project. From there, they will completely take the reigns and make sure all aspects of the request are handled in a timely, efficient, and successful manner.​​

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