IT Strategy


Ready. Set. Tackle.

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, there are more ways to improve the efficiency of a business than anyone could ever imagine (well, not quite everyone, because tech enthusiasts are out there imagining and building them). Simply put, if you’re not actively — or at least regularly — looking for ways to improve your operations, they could be becoming stagnant or eating into your profits.

Our IT Strategy and Roadmapping services tackle inefficiencies and barriers head on. We work with you to assess, ideate, and implement new processes and technologies that align with the way your team works.

solūt always looks to get our hands dirty, completely understanding your day-to-day before making recommendations that aren’t a fit. And when we come to those best-fit solutions, a dedicated project manager backed by the power of our team is with you every step of the way. That’s how we make sure everything feels right and goes off without a hitch.


Virtual CIO

What does having a Virtual CIO mean, really? It’s all about having someone working with you to make sure you’re making the most informed decisions when it comes to technology, processes, and applications. This rep can be full- or part-time, and on location or offsite, depending on your need. A Virtual CIO is there to advocate […]

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Outsourced IT

We’ve got your back.  We have been in the IT business since 2001, and we’ve handled some of the most critical and complicated IT environments. Our mission is to simplify and uncomplicate your technology, transforming it into a competitive advantage for your organization. If you need a reliable company to handle your IT, our technicians […]

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Managed Data Backups

YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON PEACE OF MIND. Turn “what-ifs” into premeditated outcomes. Managed Data Backup Solutions from solūt tech enables your organization to have a reliable data backup system that keeps your mission-critical data safe and secure. Our backup solutions include: Real-time data backups RAID server/hardware backup solution Onsite/remote backup service Mobile device […]

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Plan for the worst, expect the best. With solūt, you can expect the best plan for when the worst happens. We will provide you with a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery that will enable uninterrupted operations before, during and after a disaster. Our BCDR plan will account for everything from dealing with compromised […]

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IT Assessment

We dive head first into the deep end. We check out your technology, we test your systems and applications, and we ask your team the right questions to unearth challenges and opportunities. And once we’ve done all that, we’ll come back with a comprehensive suite of recommendations on how your business can be more effective, […]

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Business Continuity

There’s no price on peace of mind. Work with solūt to cover your “what ifs” and “what nows” before the fact. We take into account everything from dealing with compromised data to managing disruptions to your supply chain. When the unthinkable happens, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your next step is being […]

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