The internet can be a scary place.

The internet opens up a world of not-so-great possibilities, especially to those who don’t know the signs of being scammed. Let’s put it into the context of your business. A malicious, well-designed, phishing email has been sent to all of your team. In this email is a seemingly innocent web link which your team member is enticed to click. Once clicked the computer and network are infected with ransomware and all of your organization’s data is being encrypted. How many people clicked the link? Ransomware cleanup can cost hours or even days of downtime for your organization, and thousands of dollars in revenue and clean-up. Worse yet, a breach can have a lasting negative impact on your brand, your reputation, and potentially your clients’ information.

Prepare your armour.

solūt works with your team members to train them to be your first line of defense. We do this by implementing a security awareness campaign designed to inform your staff on how to best stay safe while working online and with your data.

Our program has helped clients of many sizes across different industries. Recently, we helped a client in the construction industry with a team of 70 achieve a reduction of over half in the amount of employees who fell for a phishing scam. Prior to training, 32% of the staff acted on a phishing scam. After we were able to get in to train and test their staff, the numbers dropped 13%.

Yeah, we love data too.