Streamline Your Business with Microsoft Azure.

solūt is deeply experienced in designing, implementing, and supporting large cloud computing projects, specializing in Microsoft Azure. Our Microsoft Azure certified team of experts will provide you strategic guidance to ensure you get the maximum value from your Azure investment.

Why hire a Microsoft Azure consultant?

As experienced collaborators with a customer-focused attitude, we are your partner for expert advice and assistance with Microsoft Azure. We’ve lived and breathed Azure for over 10 years, and provide invaluable support to our Azure clients.

Whether you are weighing the benefits of Microsoft Azure, are in the midst of deployment, or in need of support and consulting services for an already-robust Azure setup, our experts can help you accelerate the achievement of your goals and maximize your cloud computing investment.

Bring the best of Microsoft Azure to your organization

Office 365 Integration
Office 365 is one of the early adopters of Microsoft Azure. It has expanded the entire Microsoft Office family into a single platform, from simple document collaboration and real-time spreadsheet management to workflow automation.

Storage Services
Azure gives you a wide variety of storage services such as table, queue, file service and more. Any way you want to save your data, Azure has the right storage service you need.

Data Management
Controlling and managing data has never been simpler than with Azure– it supports almost all database solutions out there. From SQL, To Cosmos DB, to NoSQL and more. You’re never stuck with just one option.

Prevent, detect and respond to threats with Azure security. Protect data, apps, and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services. This includes unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats.

Leave all your infrastructure transition worries to our Azure certified experts. Our team is with you, from assessment to implementation to after-deployment support.

Azure Monitoring Solutions
With Azure Monitor, we can understand how your applications are performing and identify issues that might be affecting them, so problems can be quickly resolved, and smooth operations quickly restored.   

Post-Implementation Support
We deliver results, but that doesn’t mean we stop there. When you partner with us, you will receive on-demand premium support from our team. We can help you with both basic and advanced troubleshooting and resolution, quickly and effectively.