Stay connected. Stay secure.

solūt Cloud allows your users to share data from virtually anywhere and any platform, while keeping security a top priority. All of your data, from presentations to financials, can go with you wherever you go. Give your people the freedom to work from smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, or straight from the web. By choosing solūt Cloud, you are bringing your team to the forefront of technological advancement. Whenever a file is uploaded it becomes immediately available company-wide, no emailing files or instant message attachments required. Even if your company has an existing fileserver, solūt Cloud can be integrated with that infrastructure. It will create accessibility to any shared drive or folder from all your mobile devices.

We protect you, but you’re in the driver’s seat.

The solūt Cloud dashboard allows administrators to keep strict policies based on your organization’s needs. Our role becomes understanding how you work, helping you find the settings that suit you best, and ensuring that you are protected from data theft, malware, and other attacks. solūt Cloud offers military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption. All of your data is protected at rest in the Cloud, as well as during transfer. The coolest part, in our own humble opinion, is the fact that your data never leaves the country. It’s entirely stored and secured and hosted with our trustworthy team here in Edmonton, Alberta. solūt Cloud also allows the additional security measure of two-factor authentication.