Every day, organizations of all sizes are being attacked and their valuable data compromised for criminal gain. What’s worse is that companies are not aware they have been compromised. Cyber breaches on average go undetected for 18 months between the time a breach occurs and the victim becomes aware they have been compromised. Small and medium sized organizations are particularly at risk because cyber criminals know they don’t have the IT budgets or cyber security awareness of their larger counterparts to circumvent the attacks. If your network was compromised, how would you know? Most business owners don’t know how to answer this, but with the power of solūt behind your business, you can consider it handled.

Managed IT Security

solūt Secure provides end-to-end monitoring, threat detection, and compromise mitigation across your entire network infrastructure. solūt Secure guarantees more comprehensive user protection, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Event Logging, and Network Device Monitoring; providing superior monitored and managed security services to your network perimeter 24×7.

From nuisances like spam, Spyware and Adware to potentially crippling attacks from viruses, worms, and hackers, and Ransomware; threats emanate from all levels of the IT infrastructure. Without adequate security measures, businesses are left at risk of data and performance loss. They also risk exposure of sensitive materials and reductions in quality of service. This can cost a company millions. solūt Secure can address all these potential risks, to safeguard your company and its critical systems. Let us protect you from the ever-expanding list of security challenges your business faces.

All businesses today need a strong security posture, regardless of their size or the structure of their IT environment. Our tiered solution options allow you the flexibility to choose the service levels you require for your company’s needs.