Superior Microsoft solutions to help your business achieve new heights.

Solūt certified engineers are well-versed with implementing comprehensive Microsoft-based solutions across all areas of IT. From modern workstations to business applications, security solutions, and hybrid infrastructures, we’ll help your organization leverage Microsoft solutions to achieve your business objectives. 

Solūt is a Microsoft partner with more than 10 years of experience providing proactive support, data, and infrastructure management. We work hand-in-hand with Microsoft to ensure our clients have the most current, industry-leading secured technology solutions to boost productivity, drive innovation and increase revenue.


Business Intelligence

Leverage Microsoft’s business intelligence solutions – SQL Server 2016, Azure Analytical Services and Power BI – to translate raw data into graphs and charts to visualize the driving factors of your business. Access and view your data through powerful dashboards, including reports and advanced views, for a full picture of your customers and operations.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a secure cloud environment with data centers around the world, always leveraging the best technology and security available.

Manage all user accounts, critical business platforms, security policies and more.


Microsoft Teams

A unified communications platform that combines chat, video, meetings file storage, and sharing documents and application integration. With the ability to integrate with Office 365 and 3rd party applications and products, your team’s collaboration and productivity will raise the roof.


Mail Exchange

Achieve more, faster with access to a more personalized inbox and advanced calendar features. Other benefits include search improvements that give you precise results quicker. With customization and add-ins available, streamline your organization’s internal and external communications.



Solūt can help you build a custom SharePoint environment for internal departments, knowledge bases, or for specialized teams within your organization. Our Microsoft SharePoint services streamline the processes that enable collaboration more effectively. Since SharePoint can be hosted through Azure’s cloud platform, your on-the-go employees will be able to access SharePoint wherever they are.


Skype for Business

With Skype for Business, you can simplify your organization’s communication with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. Skype for Business gives your organization a professional way to communicate with business partners and clients.


  • Modern and secured operating system workstations
  • Business application integration, implementation, and support
  • Application monitoring for upgrades and error fixes
  • Run business-critical applications through a secured environment via Hyper-V
  • Data analytics reporting, data visualization, and business intelligence
  • Certified Microsoft experts with vast knowledge and years of experience