Your personal security guard.

It feels good to know that someone has your back. At solūt, we specialize in making sure that your business is covered from all angles. We’re also constantly monitoring and looking for risks so if something happens, our team is on it lightning-fast to restore safety and mitigate damage.

We’re now in the “Internet of Things” era, and a whole variety of formerly mundane objects have become smart and connected. People have more data stored than ever before, and that data touches the internet in an unimaginable number of places — each one a potential entry point for security breaches.

The implications to a business are boundless, and our specialists understand that. We can help with any security challenge, from helping you create stronger passwords to moving your data to a safer storage site.


Security Assessment

Dig deep to evaluate vulnerabilities. ​First and foremost, our people are experts in assessing just how your business functions. We’re here to help you come out harder (to hack), better, faster, stronger. When we get in and understand how you’re operating, we can get a feel for how your technologies, applications, practices, and processes could […]

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Security Awareness Training

Prepare your armour. solūt works with your team members to train them to be your first line of defense. We do this by implementing a security awareness campaign designed to inform your staff on how to best stay safe while working online and with your data. Our program has helped clients of many sizes across different […]

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Cyber Protect

Around the clock coverage. solūt offers Cyber Protect Security, monitoring your company 24/7. Our solution (performed by our Security Operations Centre, or SOC) combines artificial intelligence technology with live cybersecurity specialists. The SOC continually monitors all network activity logs and quickly detects patterns that are indicative of malicious or unusual behaviour. The key advantage of […]

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solūt Secure

Managed IT Security solūt Secure provides end-to-end monitoring, threat detection, and compromise mitigation across your entire network infrastructure. solūt Secure guarantees more comprehensive user protection, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Event Logging, and Network Device Monitoring; providing superior monitored and managed security services to your network perimeter 24×7. From nuisances like spam, Spyware and […]

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Data Protection

Protecting a business’s lifeblood. We understand the importance of your data and provide automated and monitored onsite and offsite data backup solutions that don’t take your team’s time to manage. We provide: All your licensing, setup, and ongoing monitoring Secure offsite Cloud storage The ability to failover in your office or from our Cloud A disaster […]

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