Home sweet your office.

When we say we truly like working with our clients, we mean it. So much so that we offer an in-person resource that will work on-site at a client’s business. Your solūt partner will be matched on your company based on skills that fit your needs, and hey, even personality (because if they’re going to be around, you might as well like them). This is just another way we can make the process hassle-free for you and also saves on having to hire or train additional staff, or call into one of those pesky call-centres.

Come and knock on our door.

By having a solūt tech ready to lend a hand, it eliminates the need for you to communicate slowly via email. We tend to be a pretty seamless integration and understand the importance of owning the issue and not bothering existing staff.

This option is also good for companies who aren’t quite ready to hire someone full-time, or would rather work a full team of experts.