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We provide structured cabling services, data cabling services, and networking wiring services for companies in the greater Brampton area. Our structured cabling services can help your business research, plan, and install a superior cabling infrastructure- contact us today to get started!

We design superior data cabling infrastructures

The structured cabling infrastructure is the backbone of any organization’s IT environment that allows for fast, effective data transmission and connectivity throughout the office. All workstations, cubicles, and conference rooms rely on network wiring or structured cabling to ensure they have power, internet, voice, and data transmission capabilities.

A fully functional structured cabling environment contains the following elements:

  • A clean, organized appearance that contains all wiring fastened together without ‘spaghetti cables’, extra cables no longer in use, or loose cables that could present tripping hazards
  • Color-coded cables to assist with quickly adjusting or troubleshooting any cabling issues
  • A detailed visual guide of your network wiring/cabling setup to reference while making any hardware changes or relocations or when an issue arises to expedite troubleshooting
  • A clean server and wiring closet, with all wires and connections labeled and easy to identify
  • No crimped, bent, or damaged cables as this can lead to speed and connectivity issues

We can help you improve your network wiring

Some companies we’ve worked with have been in business in the same location for 20+ years, pre-WiFi and other technology advances, and need to update their cabling infrastructure in order to deploy and implement modern technology. For others, you may simply need to set up additional drops as your company has added new employees and workstations over the years.

Regardless of your specific situation- more drops, a new building with zero cabling infrastructure, or an update to your existing network wiring- our data cabling professionals can assist your company.

We use industry-standard cabling procedures and use superior cabling equipment to deliver the best result possible. Our data cabling services can help your business regain control of your wiring infrastructure and increase the efficiency of your internal IT team!

Contact our network wiring professionals today to learn more about how we can your business solve its IT challenges.