Remote Support. Real People.

We know there is nothing worse than being in a bind, only to get sent to a computer that will attempt to answer your questions. Our solūtions Desk is staffed with real people who are here to troubleshoot your issues, find solutions, and even ask about your day (we’re always hoping for the best, but understand you may not be calling us if it was going great).

Let the techs tackle it.

Our team has groups of techs that are dedicated to various verticals so we can provide consistent and efficient resolutions, and even provide proactive maintenance that identifies problems before they cost you downtime. Or for anyone wanting us to stop in, we also have local teams in Edmonton and Calgary for on-site support as required.

Just give us a call, drop us an email, or fill out a support form. We’re on standby and will make sure that you are set up for a quick and helpful response.

We also keep ourselves accountable. See that big smiley face on our website? That’s our SmileBack rating. It measures how well our customer satisfaction is in real-time, on a per-ticket basis. Read more about it here.​