Cyber Criminals. Cyber Protect.

Every day, organizations of all sizes are being attacked and their valuable data compromised for criminal gain. What’s worse is that companies are not aware they have been compromised. On average, most attacks go unnoticed for 18 months between the time a breach occurs and the victim becomes aware they have been compromised. Smaller organizations are particularly at risk because cyber criminals know they don’t have the IT budgets or cyber security awareness of their larger counterparts to circumvent the attacks. If your network was compromised, how would you know? Most business owners don’t know how to answer this, but with the power of solūt behind your business you can consider it handled.

Around the clock coverage.

solūt offers Cyber Protect Security, monitoring your company 24/7. Our solution (performed by our Security Operations Centre, or SOC) combines artificial intelligence technology with live cybersecurity specialists. The SOC continually monitors all network activity logs and quickly detects patterns that are indicative of malicious or unusual behaviour.

The key advantage of the SOC is that security and data breaches are discovered and pre-empted immediately, limiting the exposure and any potential damage.

Cyber Protect includes a breadth of services that will put your mind at ease:

  • Compliance and audit assistance
  • On-site appliance that collects network traffic and logs data in real-time
  • 24/7 network monitoring to detect anomalous activity
  • A dedicated security engineer from our partners, Arctic Wolf, who leads their team and is the liaison to your solūt team
  • Monthly vulnerability assessments
  • Arctic Wolf reduces false alarms by reviewing all alerts and identifying only real threats to be actioned upon by the solūt team
  • Advanced threat detection, which includes global threat intelligence and machine learning