Where to Start When Building a Digital Plan

Why a digital plan is important.

Navigating the changes of the technological landscape is a full-time job unto itself. We’ve worked with executives who “get” tech from a high level and know that it can assist in making their company more adaptive to market changes. They have even hired developers either internally or externally to build custom applications unique to their business. But often, six months to a year later, it seems like everything has changed. Suddenly there’s a new cloud application that can do everything your custom app can and maybe even more. Then there’s always the ongoing conversation of moving local hardware to cloud-hosted; how will this impact your other applications? Will you still need some physical hardware on-site? What is the cost breakdown? Finally, there is a need for a strategy with IT. Having a strategy advisor can help you better assess the ever-changing world of tech and guide decisions that make sense for your business. Our goal is to help you adapt to the changing tide. Not to jump from one technology to the other but make educated decisions that benefit your business. This article aims to describe what a digital plan or roadmap is what the value is to your organization.

A digital plan helps you if you are lost with tech. It is a document that guides and mobilizes the process of using tech in your organization. It works with a series of assessments to discover your organizational goals and the objectives within them.  A digital plan starts by identifying the problems you’re trying to solve. After articulating what problem you’re trying to solve, it then reviews solutions against it. It leads to designs that are just better for better sake but better for you and your company. What works well from one industry or one kind of company doesn’t mean it will work well for you. Your problems are solved, problems unique to you, and so too should provide the solutions. A digital ensures that your issues are being solved, not someone else. We want to understand what is working well and what’s not working well and build on it. The goal is to turn in an objective analysis to work from. A digital seeks to capture waste and solve it. Learning what problem exists, what plans you have, the what, how, and why set vital parameters to then go to the market review options. These options then get assessed, analyzed, and reported on. We want to recommend solutions that matter and meet your organizational goals. A digital plan is a thoughtful, organized approach to learning about and integrating technology that solves real problems in your organization.

A digital plan helps your business identify the value and benefits of technical solutions available to your company. Having a strategy will save your organization time and pain from implementing the wrong technology. No one person can be a technological guru. Building a digital plan and a strategy that integrates across your organization and brings third-party perspectives to provide your company with a complete picture of what’s possible. We often find an ad hoc solution to implementing technology \ where a problem is identified, and the answer is a band-aid. Then weeks, months, or maybe even a year later,  the solution isn’t quite right and perhaps not even being used or adopted throughout your organization. A digital plan should be updated at least yearly. This is to keep up with the pace of change throughout the ever-changing world of tech. Things evolve fast a digital plan helps you keep abreast of new developments; it keeps you in the know so you can strike and adapt when needed. Doing so will ensure that your decisions with technology continually align with your business objectives. solut’s purpose is to delivering uncomplicated solutions to empower. We deliver on this purpose by keeping our clients up to date and helping them adapt to that ever-changing technological landscape. We don’t want to leave anyone behind, but we are not for everyone. We are for those who see the value in tech and want to be strategic with its use. We focus on how your organization delivers value, understanding who you serve and how you serve them. If you feel overwhelmed or confused about building a digital plan, our IT strategy team is here for you.