A new security offering comprised of products from some of the best names in cybersecurity.

The world of cybersecurity is a fast-growing, ever-evolving industry that can be hard to keep up with at times. As a Managed IT Service provider, we must remain informed and up to date with cybersecurity trends, threats, and potential vulnerabilities to protect not only our clients but for ourselves as well.

Canadian SMB’s are highly vulnerable to cyber threats, with 70% of all data breaches in the country happening to companies with fewer than 100 employees. In 2019, these attacks had a combined loss of 43 billion dollars in Canada alone. To make things worse, cybercriminals ramp up their efforts during a crisis – natural disasters, pandemics and other emergencies. Only two months into COVID-19, ransomware emails increased by a staggering 4000%.

Another big thing to think about right now is that it’s not just the breach itself, it’s the regulatory compliance and insurance that are now required from organizations to show they are properly addressing cyber threats. Without showing the implementation of some sort of proactive measures to combat these breaches, you may be left on your own and left with a costly bill to clean up the mess. In response to this, and to match the elevated threats, we’ve partnered with some of the best names in cybersecurity to create our most exceptional security offering yet – solūt Secure. Here’s a quick briefing of all of the components that make up solūt Secure.

ID Agent

Dark Web ID alerts solūt when our client’s employee information, such as emails and passwords, have been compromised. It continuously scans different dark web sources and searches a variety of databases to see if your information appears in any of them, if it’s been sold on different markets or if it has shown up in various breaches.

DNS Filter

This component protects users and networks against command and control (botnet) attacks, malware, phishing, viruses and other threats simply by applying security policies. DNS Filter is the only DNS provider in the industry using security threat analysis powered by AI and Machine Learning.

Cylance Protect

Cylance has two main parts that make up solūt secure. The first is Cylance Protect, a lightweight endpoint agent that applies a behavioural based approach to virus, malware, ransomware scanning and prevention. It’s very effective in monitoring computer systems and is able to assess if the behaviour is legitimate or not.

Cylance Optics

The second Cylance component adds in the mechanism that does more tracking and analytics of all of the data that is ingested. It allows us to see the activity leading up to a compromises situation.

2FA for O365/M365

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become a standard for most cloud services. It is used to approve sign-ins from a mobile app using push notifications, biometrics or one-time Passcodes. Either Microsoft Authenticator or Duo Security, depending on your preference.


This is the email security component that provides phishing, malware and spam filtering. AppRiver has merged with Zix to provide another level of link protection, as well as different email encryption options.

Arctic Wolf Managed Detections & Response (MDR) & Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The Arctic Wolf MDR and SOC add in 24/7 monitoring and a level of human expertise into the equation. In their SOC centre, Arctic Wolf looks at the information coming in from all of the other products we are using. By pulling all of this data together, they alert us when there is a breach or a defined issue occurring. Arctic Wolf does quarterly reviews with us where they help to assess where we can strengthen our client’s position.

Arctic Wolf Managed Risk

Along with Cylance Optics, the managed risk side of Arctic Wolf provides another level of internal vulnerability scanning. It continually scans across the network and flags specific vulnerabilities that are caught and being published in real-time. The managed risk component gives us a lot more data so we can make more insightful decisions on what can be changed to increase the level of security.

By looking at the ever-increasing threats, we at solūt wanted to ensure that we are providing our clients with the necessary means to protect themselves. By combining multiple products from our top-rated partners and cybersecurity experts into one offering, it gives us and our clients peace of mind knowing they are taking the necessary steps to minimize their risk. To learn more about solūt Secure and the tiers that are available for any size of the business, click here. If you are unsure of how well your business is prepared and are interested in having a security assessment done to see where your technologies, applications and processes could be vulnerable to attack, contact us!