How Digital Transformation Can Help In The Labour Crisis

What connects Digital Transformation and the Labour Crisis?

The great resignation. Or at least that’s what the latest labour shortage has been dubbed. It’s been a challenging year for many, and we all could use a break. People have lost loved ones, lost jobs, gotten sick, had to take extra work. As we come out of this traumatic experience, many people re-evaluate what they want out of life—choosing different careers, taking a break, looking for a different work culture or role type. As a result, companies are finding it very difficult to retain or even find employees. This is creating risk to your clients and threatens your ability to obtain new business. When people leave an organization for any reason, a lack of process and definition of work is often now visible. The risk of employees leaving and a lack of documented processes to pass along can be reduced with digital transformation.

How Digital Transformation can Help.

Digital transformation looks to understand your work processes and endeavours to document them, identifying opportunities to streamline and potentially digitize. Understanding these work processes will allow you to transfer that type of work to a new hire; this seems pretty obvious. Where the real power of digital transformation comes is when you analyze some of the reasons people are leaving work. People today are leaving work to find more balance, reduce overall workload, and among other reasons, to be more empowered over their lives. Digitalization can help achieve this goal. The type of work that is most digitized and automated today is repetitive, reoccurring, and manual work. It’s work that often has strict deadlines, a low margin of error, and is often seen as tedious and monotonous. These are usually the small day-to-day tasks that many do not enjoy. By digitizing these manual tasks, people are free to work on more thoughtful and empowering work. If you can find a way to do this, you will win on many fronts. You win by saving the time associated with tasks that are now automated. You win by having a straightforward documented process that can be easily transferred to new hires if needed. You win by saving your staff time, workload, stress and giving them more power with their work. This benefits them and your organization. If you’re hearing about someone feeling overworked, there may be an opportunity to help them through digital transformation.

How solut can Help You.

How we drive digital transformation is through our digital audit. A digital audit is a facilitated session where a technology strategist reviews six core areas in your business. People, platforms, processes, information, risk, and applications. In each of these core areas, we ask questions of what’s working well, current state, and what is not working well but should be in a future state. Going through this process highlights the opportunities for digital transformation. Work processes that are not documented will be discussed. In the digital audit, you will inform us of the strategic priorities for your organization. This will identify potential projects that will lead to a road map that will help address the risk mentioned above.

If you’re currently experiencing resource issues and have a hard time supporting your current client base or achieving If you’re currently experiencing resource issues and have a hard time supporting your current client base or achieving new business – digital transformation can help. Digital transformation can lighten the workload and lighten your risk.

If you’re curious about learning more about our digital audit or digital transformation, our technology strategists are here for you.