At solūt, we care about being transparent, not just among ourselves but also with the outside world. We continue to be very clear about who we are and what we think, because on this foundation we have founded fruitful and long-lasting business relationships. When we implemented SmileBack in 2016, it only made sense that it became something that we would share and rally our company’s standards around.

SmileBack is a platform where our clients can digitally open a support ticket and our techs are able to see them live in real-time. The list of recent tickets is displayed throughout our office on screens. It’s often the first thing that our team members check out when they come in each morning, and the last thing they look at before they leave. This system allows us to ensure that throughout the different levels of the organization, everyone is in tune with what’s going on.

The SmileBack platform includes a feedback system known as the SmileBack Rating, which has become integrated into our culture. We strive to maintain a rating of 95% or higher, and our current rating is hovering just shy of the 97% mark at the time of writing. To see our most up-to-date rating, look no further than the top of our website. We display it proudly for all our visitors to see. The industry standard for client response rate with this tool is 43.4%. In recent months, we have seen averages as high as 69%, something we take pride in. Overall, SmileBack has allowed us to celebrate our successes, strive for improvement, and openly acknowledge every hiccup.

On January 31st of 2019, we hit a huge milestone of 10,000 ratings! The rating, received from Greater Edmonton Foundation, reads, “The IT staff is always so helpful and very courteous. They never make you feel stupid!”