Male hands working on laptop.

One of the top questions we get asked is “Do I really need a business laptop or can I just get one cheaper from Best Buy?” Well, you could… but if you’re planning on using it for work (even partially) please don’t! While consumer laptops may look sleeker and have cooler features than their business counterparts, they just do not compare in durability. Business laptops are specifically designed to handle the 40 hour work week and made to last several years. The better all around, build and longevity you get with a business laptop is the top reason to stick with it over consumer grade, but here are five more reasons why you should stick with a business laptop for your business.

Warranty & Service

Since business laptops are expected to work longer than consumer grade laptops, the warranties are also longer – usually for three years instead of one. Not only this but the service options are different and for business laptops, onsite warranties are common, meaning a technician or spare part will be sent right to your office. The vendors also make replacement parts available for longer since they know companies are hanging on to them for years.


Business laptops are built with software that makes it easier to manage & secure devices on enterprise-class networks and also they come with business editions of operating systems. More models, including standard ones, are coming equipped with biometric security options, such as fingerprint scanners. Having this extra built in security can save you a lot of headache if an employees laptop is stolen and also to combat cyber attacks against your business.

No Pre-Loaded Junk Software

Consumer laptops are loaded with trial software that is usually annoying, excessive & unnecessary. Business laptop buyers (and their IT Departments) don’t want to waste time and money uninstalling this junk from every new laptop that is ordered. Manufactures know this & ship business models without many of the unwanted extras.


When a business laptop is compared to a consumer laptop with the same specs & from the same manufacturer, the price difference may only be a couple of hundred dollars. It can get expensive if you require a lot of storage & features but it just really depends on what your needs are & what your business requires you to have. The price difference is well worth the longevity and durability you get out of a business model.

More Configuration Options

The types of configurations for business laptops are vast and you can do almost anything in regards to custom specs so it best suits your business’ needs. Our partner, Lenovo, is an industry leader in customization and allows us to select everything from the processor to keyboard lighting.