Virtual IT Officer – Ready for duty.

Technology is incredibly intertwined into our everyday, and that can hinder or help a business. It all depends on how prepared you are for it. With solūt’s Virtual CIO services, we’ll help your team find solutions that work for your business and keep you flexible enough to adapt in the future. Together, we can make the most informed decisions.

What does having a Virtual CIO mean, really?

It’s all about having someone working with you to make sure you’re making the most informed decisions when it comes to technology, processes, and applications. This rep can be full- or part-time, and on location or offsite, depending on your need. A Virtual CIO is there to advocate for efficiency, and is always focused on doing things right. Just call them the voice of reason who happens to be really well-versed in IT. There’s also a huge benefit to employing a Virtual CIO from both legal and human resources standpoints, since we are well-versed in policy and governance.

If you’ve ever felt misunderstood, you’ll soon forget that once you meet our Virtual CIO team. We ask the right questions, every time. When you bring on solūt as your Virtual CIO, we take you through an intensive assessment process customized to your business. This discovery stage can including stakeholder interviews, goal workshops, and surveying, among a myriad of other tactics. We are comfortable working solo or alongside other teams (external or internal) to help you conquer your goals.