Business Intelligence


Decisions with data.

Business Intelligence (BI) isn’t just about refining and analyzing data, it empowers organizations and their employees to make better decisions faster, ultimately saving them time and stress. At solūt, we solve our clients’ business problems by using technology to identify opportunities that are not only rooted in robust methodology but are also backed by strategy.

We know that proper information and change management leads to empowered employees doing less monotonous work, catching preventable mistakes before they happen, and solving problems with tactical, operational, and strategic solūtions (get it, that’s why we call ourselves solūt).

We customize our Business Intelligence solutions to meet your needs as you grow and as the digital landscape evolves. By outsourcing your BI to us, you can focus on what you do best while we ensure that your data is actionable and being used to the best of its ability. We take a hands-on approach, ensuring we understand your business to its core, and make recommendations are a fit for you.


Business Analysis

Think with the end in mind. Our approach consists of examining all elements of your business, including evaluating processes, structures, and IT, to create a holistic plan to manage your information effectively. Think of us as your full-time partner when executing strategies and planning for your organization’s future. With a Business Analyst on stand by, […]

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Software Development

From Office 365 app development to custom software development, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to help you solve your business problems by architecting a complete, overall system no matter what stage of the software development process you’re at.

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SharePoint Development

Intranets Your people are your greatest asset, and it is important to keep them connected. We build Intranets for businesses. Whether you need a way to collaborate, different departments to have different levels of security, or a safe space for HR documentation, we can customize your SharePoint platform just the way you like it. Document […]

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Database Administration

Don’t let your data overthrow you. ​A lot of the time, these issues can be solved with database efficiency, where we can assess the current systems and propose solutions. With the ever-advancing technological landscape, there is a growing need for database administration (DBA) as data is becoming even more challenging to manage. Many businesses do not […]

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Covid-19 Health Screening Management App

The Covid Screening Tool Your Organization Needs

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Case Studies

  • Business Intelligence

    Situation solūt was approached by a client who was looking for help to understand their current application environment, as well as providing support to their staff regarding reporting and documentation of their systems. The consequences of having an environment that was not fully understood meant more outages, duplicated efforts, testing in live environments, users going […]

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    Case Study