Solūt is ahead of the curve when it comes to our client’s safety

Multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA, is quickly becoming the new standard for corporate data security. In fact, 63% of law firms are actively using MFA for remote data access.

With today’s high risk of cybersecurity and data breaches, MFA is an essential tool for any business that values privacy and safety for their clientele and staff. Losing data and reduced system time can result in thousands and millions of dollars in losses. MFA helps prevent this by requiring users to input more than one independent category of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction.

How We Protect You

At solūt, we practice what we preach. We’ve implemented a unique 2FA system to prevent social engineering attacks. Our approach allows us to confirm our end-user clients before making any authoritative changes to our client’s systems. This allows our clients to verify solūt technicians as authorized techs before allowing them to assist or gain access to corporate information. That means peace of mind for you and your organization. Curious to know more about multi-factor authentication and how it can help protect you? Contact us