Trust solut for outsourced IT services.

We provide outsourced IT support and outsourced IT services to companies in the Vaughan area. Solut is a local preferred outsourced IT company with a track record of success in helping companies meet and exceed their technology KPIs. Contact our team today to discuss how our outsourced IT support services can benefit your business!

Professional Outsourced IT Services

We have been in the IT business since 2001, and we’ve handled some of the most critical and complicated IT environments. Our mission is to simplify and uncomplicate your technology, transforming it into a competitive advantage for your organization. If you need a reliable company to handle your IT, our technicians are here to help.

With our IT team on your side, you can focus on your business instead of trying to make sense of hardware, software, and programming. Our team will distill all the tech jargon and find effective solutions to keep your IT humming along without a glitch.

The benefits of working with an outsourced IT company like solut:

  • Reduced and predictable operating costs 
  • Access to world-class capabilities
  • Increased staff bandwidth to focus on the success of your business
  • Streamline processes & automation for time-consuming functions 

Give us a call, drop us an email, or fill out a support form. We’re on standby and will make sure your business issues are promptly resolved.

We also keep ourselves accountable. See that big smiley face on our website? That’s our SmileBack rating. It measures how well our customer satisfaction is in real-time, on a per-ticket basis.

Contact us today to discuss how outsourced IT services can help your company!