We provide network security auditing and network security consulting services to companies in the Edmonton area. Our team of expert network security consultants provides strategic solutions for securing your IT infrastructure and your digital assets. Connect with us today to get started!

We provide comprehensive network security auditing

With over 10 years of providing network security solutions to companies of all sizes, our experts have acquired diverse knowledge about network security audits and how to effectively protect your company from attacks and criminals.

Strengthen your network security

Security challenges are different for every business in every industry and they are becoming increasingly advanced every day. Whether you are unsure where to begin, or need help to strengthen a specific element of your security plan, our experts will work with you side-by-side to simplify the challenges with our proven solutions.

Partner with solut for network security consulting services

Our network security consultants ensure complete protection of your network, applications, hardware, and infrastructure against hazards and potential gateways to your network, including possible data leakage or theft.

Our network security consulting services include:

    This involves implementing both hardware and software tools to protect your infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, disruption or malicious activities.
    This sub-layer includes credentials, user-roles, permissions, and activities of an account that enable authentication and authorization of legitimate users.
    Implementing various defenses within all software across the entire network is like having a padlock for each door. To minimize any unauthorized access, modifications, deletions or extraction of classified information, we design secure application architectures, write security code, and implement strong validations.

Having an organization that is fully protected from potential network weaknesses is a business necessity. Network security is an investment that will deliver ROI and continued success. Our network security consultants have extensive experience and we strive every day to make the digital world a safer place for businesses like yours.

Contact our network security consultants to identify and repair your network vulnerabilities!